Sammi’s Bat Mitzvah!











Sammi’s bat mitzvah was insanely awesome! Thanks to all our friends who helped make it awesome. Photos by Our Labor of Love.


Holler For Holland

Us Bash gals love daydreaming about the vacations we’d love to take.. or the international locals you want us to throw your wedding at (hint hint). So, when Design*Sponge asks us to do one of our “Around the World with Bash, Please” posts, we jump at the chance. Our latest went up last week, and we loved it so much, we thought we’d share it again.. just in case you missed it. 
When we spun our globe and it landed on The Netherlands, we were thrilled. With it’s lively bike culture, and killer design, we knew we’d want to throw a party inspired by such a rad place. We called up our pal Mr. Haack to shoot photos, and did he deliver or what? 
Who knew going Dutch could be so romantic?

Mini steins and an array of Dutch cheeses? Count us in! We had a ton of requests for where we found that wooden drink paddle. That one in particular is a family hand me down, but you can find similar ones here. It really makes taking shots seem a bit more sophisticated, don’t you think?

Tulip Festivals are held in many cities all over the world, and who wouldn’t want to celebrate this darling little bloom? Luckily, we can get them almost all year round, as they were the perfect addition to our shindig. 

Ta Ta for now.. until we spin our globe again!

The Cream Has Risen

Remember when this happened?
And then we were excited when this happened:
Were you paying attention when this happened?
You read that right. The Bash, Please gals are taking this show on the road and heading to
Austin, Texas, and we can’t wait!

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just a few bites of candy from the oh so fun and fantastical ban.blow.bash. 
that charley*star gets us going. 
see a whole big heaping here