Cassandra + Jason


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We loved Cassandra + Jason’s wedding! Meeting in California, they wanted their day to not only represent their love but also the beautiful state they met in. Ojai was the perfect backdrop and their wedding was festive, elegant, and most importantly easy going. Read more about their wonderful day over on 100 Layer Cake

Photography: Paige Jones | Catering: Whoa Nelly | Bar: Pharmacie  | Rentals: Classic Party Rentals | DJ: Dart DJ | Calligraphy: Nicole Miyuki Santo 



Bring it on home : Powder Room



As fall approaches and our wedding season still is going strong, it’s important to remember to take some time for yourself. There is no better way to end the day than a relaxing bath. See what we’ve stocked in our powder room this month!

Palermo Body

Toilet Scrubber



Soap Dish

Artis Makeup Brush

Fringe Bath Towels

Rice Basket

Dr Sponge 

This: School Year



jot down your history notes with THIS

doodle in THIS

carry your computer in THIS

pin THIS to your letterman jacket

stay on schedule with THIS

take THIS to gym class

snap your first day of school photo with THIS

keep organized with THIS

Meet the Maker: Untamed Petals


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 Where did your love for bridal accessories come from?

Funny enough I never intended to start a bridal accessories company – it all started as a hobby. I have always loved to create things and started making sparkly headbands while working at MTV in NYC. I listed them on ETSY just for fun and out of nowhere brides came running! They loved the pieces and requested them in white or ivory for their weddings. I quickly realized that there was a market for this and designed my first collection from my NYC living room.

Describe your aesthetic?

Bohemian chic with lots of organic design elements

What inspires and motivates you?

When it comes to designing I’m always the most inspired when I go shopping for raw materials. Different textures, patterns, and crystals create such an excitement for what they could become. Designing and thinking of new ideas is what motivates me from day to day- and then to see those pieces being well received by our stores and brides is always very rewarding as well.

What is the rewarding part about your job?

There is nothing more fulfilling than hearing from our brides after their big days. Telling us how special they felt in the piece we created for them. It feels so special to be apart of one of the biggest days of their lives. It feels personal and so rewarding.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned in running your own business?

It is very easy to over-commit and bite off more than you can chew! When you run your own business you get so excited at each opportunity but sometimes you have to prioritize and know when to say no to a new project in order to preserve the quality and customer services you aim to provide.

What’s the best advice for beginning makers, artist, or entrepreneurs?

Do something that you love- running your own business is hard and time-consuming but when you’re doing something you love it never feels like work!

What are your favorite types of materials to work with?

I love working with beading patterns- we design a lot of beaded belts and I think they add so much to a dress.

What brand or maker do you currently love?


What’s your best flea market find?

A vintage tiara from the 1920’s

What are you currently reading/ watching/ listening to?

Currently watching ” The Night Of” and reading ” Cold Tangerines”

Can you describe your typical day?

Days are a little crazy with a toddler and two full-time businesses, Untamed Petals and my new bridal shop Moondance. Typically I get into the office around 9 and leave around 4:30. I’m a power through the day kind of gal- I’d rather eat at my desk and leave early to spend more time with my family then take a long lunch and be stuck at the office. Days are mixed with answering emails, working with our production team, designing new pieces, and overseeing our fulfillment department. Every day is different which makes for a really fun and fast-paced week. My favorite days are Wednesdays when I stay home with my little guy Jax. For me work/life balance is he key to long-term success and no burnout.

Lately on Instagram : Midland



Hey friends! If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed we have a new venture in the works! We’re about to open a new brick and mortar called Midland in the heart of Culver City arts district. The space is in current renovation and we are planning to open end of September. Midland will feature well-crafted, local and imported goods. Keep up with all out exciting progress over at @midland_shop

Chris + Cody


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Taco bout a party! Chris and Cody’s Mexico wedding was a nonstop fiesta! Getting married in San Miguel de Allende, they both fell head over heels for the city’s vibrant culture, history, and amazing food. They wanted their guests to experience this magical city, so we helped these two create a wedding weekend no one would ever forget. We’d say they hit it right on the pinata! Congrats Cody + Chris. See more from their wedding over on 100 Layer Cake.

Photography: Jesse Chamberlin of Our Labor of Love | DJ: Michael Antonia of The Flashdance | Florals: La Musa de las Flores |

What’s in out Welcome Bag: Seattle



THIS: Summer



sweeten up your summer with THIS

throw your farmer’s market finds in THIS

keep that greenhouse growing with THIS

relax and reflect with THIS

sip THIS poolside

savor that golden glow with THIS

hit the beach in THIS

Kelly + Jeff


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Kelly and Jeff’s wedding was nothing but pure fun! With pink as their primary color, we knew right away this playful couple was going to be a blast. Getting married at La Chureya in Palm Springs, we celebrated with an abundance of flowers, flamingos, and fuchsia. We incorporated small details where ever we could, from filling the pool with pink balloons to giving their guests a set of maracas to shake after they said “I Do”. Congrats Kelly + Jeff!

Want to read more about Kelly and Jeff’s wedding? Head over to her blog Studio DIY or Martha Stewart Wedding.

Photography: Katie Stoops | Flowers: Holly Heider Chapple | Calligraphy: A Fabulous Fete | Cake: Over the Rainbow Cupcakes and Desserts | Catering: Miho Catering Co  | DJ: Gary Ames of The Flashdance

Claire + Kyle


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We loved working with Claire + Kyle! Their light, whimsical, and natural wedding was nothing short of magical. They got married on their families property in Ojai, a place that holds near and dear to their hearts. Their home was beautiful, bright and was the perfect location for their family and friends to gather and celebrate. Congrats Claire + Kyle! Read more over on Style me Pretty.

Photography: Tec Petaja | Florals: Moon Canyon | Stationery: Happy Menocal | Bar: Pharmacie | Catering: Whoa Nelly | Wedding Dress: Oscar De La Renta | Makeup: Symmetry Beauty by Nyrie | DJ: Dart DJ | Event Rentals: Town and Country | Rentals: Found and Casa de Perrin | Photo Booth: Brooke Courtney Photography | String Quartet: Santa Barbara String Quartet